maggie balloon
Illustrations I did as part of a series on self loathing.
This illustration is for my neice, Maggie. It was put on to thank-you cards and sent out after her birth.
This is a painting of my old dog, Ebenezer. ( I did the eye later, it no longer looks like a vacuum)
Library comic
My first ever comic (minus Super Duckie, c. 1996) when we were doing our MA dissertations and all I wanted to do was... not my dissertation.
Maddy Tube comic
A comic I started writing the day after my dog died.
I call this 'self portrait in a convex bin'
Books I did, and didn't finish reading
An editorial piece accompanying an article about how we share too much of ourselves online.
Tiny Duomo 
Pachinko illustraion
Illustrating the covers of the books I've read this year.
Made a selection of my illustrations in to business cards
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